Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Save Damo!

Phillip Adams
Late Night Live
ABC Radio National


My mate Damien Xxxxxxx was an intelligent, upstanding, well respected guy, holding his own in the big bad world of the British. I looked away for 20 minutes while I went home to Oz to get married, and he has turned into this.

Poor Damo appears to be channeling Bazza McKenzie - which, while useful in an altercation, does nothing for those of us who have to live and work in an atmosphere of mutual respect, if not understanding, with the British. He has even gone so far as suggesting Melbourne as a place to live over Sydney - and all this from a Brisbane boy.

I blame you and your Bazza mates - Crocker and Humphries - and ultimately your devil spawn McKenzie. I know that there is nothing you can do, but it is part of your penance to see the damage you have caused.


PS: Love your show and have ordered an MP3 player so I can listen to your podcasts.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Melbourne is the place to be

Queen Elizabeth II
Buckingham Palace

Dear Liz,

Great galloping goannas! Since the Commonwealth Games last month, you should really take a squiz at Melbourne as a place to lay your hat (s). I’m told that Tony and Cherie liked the place so much that they were looking to pull up stumps to move out here. We thought it was all a bit suss and Cherie was just looking for a place to be King Dick for a while. My mates were grinning like shot foxes when they heard that. This place needs more tall poppies, like London needs more rain – ha.

Let me tell you something for free - Melbourne is not a place to vege-out in your trackie-daks and thongs, though. By jingos, by crikey, you can’t be a tight-arse and own a home here – well, maybe out in the sticks you can.

Melbourne is sport capital of the world, well, its up there with Manchester. Slap-bang in the middle of a whopping great big bay – you better get in before the Septic Tanks come over from Houston.

The G is great for the footy and the cricket, there’s Keating’s Grand Prix, and I hear that you love the gg’s. Melbourne’s also the home of VB and when the weather’s on it can be a real scorcher – perfect for you and your hats. Best coffee in the world, thanks to the wogs – I kid you not. The Frenchies can bugger off though.

I heard recently that when you were last out in Oz, you opened the races in Gundagai. Apparently you told Price Philip about the place, and he asked “Wear the fox hat?”. I think he’s being rude – flamin’ galah.

Melbourne is an hour from the snow, and an hour away from the beach. When the surf is up at Bell’s, it’s better than a kick in the teeth. You pommies wouldn’t have anything to grizzle about in Melbourne.

After Sydney and the Olympics, property prices went up like a rat up a drain-pipe. The locals threw a wobbly as home prices went through the roof – I feel that there may have been a few quiet rip-offs though as the locals took advantage. How’s the serenity? Have you ever seen the film – The Castle?

Saw in the papers that you’re about to turn 80 (did you and Hugh Hefner know each other as kids?) – congratulations. Hope the Duke puts on a bit of a do for you – something really lairy with plenty of liquid amber, a few steaks and prawns on the Barbie, and a great big pavlova.

Anyway, give Melbourne a burl, next time you’re Down Under.

No wuckin’ furries.


Bruce Dingham